What does Friendship Really Mean?

People come and go. Oftentimes, if not, most of the time, they leave a mark on our lives, be it huge or small. No matter the timing nor the distance, the story of friendship will always live on in our hearts.

A lot of people may be considered a friend in our lives. However, have you ever thought that only a few of them understand what friendship really means?

Ah! Friendship… How does it start? What happens along the way? When is it time to let go? How do we know if it’s real? The list of questions for such a simple word goes on…

Age, race, religion, gender, and distance are nothing else but adjectives that are invalid in defining friendship. The word friend is among many of the overused terms in the world. They vary from time to time and differ in so many ways. Indeed, this term can mean numerous things!

It is as they say, “A true friend will always have your best interest at heart.” When you’re with a friend, you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable around each other. But don’t be deceived! The things we look for in a friendship are the things we want in love. The bondage, the acceptance, and the safety. Knowing that there is somebody out there living and breathing the same air as you, who will cherish and accept you for who you are- no prejudice, no judgments, just you- is a reality brought upon by friendship.

What does friendship really mean? Having a friend is one thing, but knowing they are true to you is another. A friend for life is more valuable than any number of temporary friendships that may come our way.

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