A Bumpy Ride

Life is a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs. In this generation, everything we encounter is nothing more than trials to see how strong we will be in the near future. Even though CoVid-19 has already had a profound impact on the world, we must never forget that life will still continue to put us on a bumpy ride.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than be alone in the light.

A tough call, but a right one. It is easy to disregard courage over pride. It’s easy to put pride before courage when facing a difficult situation. In this dark world, it’s okay to acknowledge that you need other people in your life to help you get through day-by-day. The struggles we are facing are as natural as beating dough to make bread come out beautifully in the end.

No one wants a hard life; however, life must be hard to come out pretty well as a person. 

Knowing what’s best for you doesn’t mean that you have to face everything alone. It means you’ve come to terms with the possibility that things won’t go exactly as planned and are ready to meet your problems head-on.

Who knows what’s in store for you or everyone else around you? The future is always uncertain and ever-changing. 

Despite this, you should never underestimate your value as a person. People tend to push one another during this rough ride to be the first one to the exit. But no. That is never the case. If we don’t all see that the only way out is to be there for one another, this bumpy ride won’t come to an end. Nothing we accomplish as a team goes unnoticed. So I say this to you, dear reader, the best way out is always in.

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