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Having a Healthy Family

Beautiful young parents, their cute little daughter and son are using a tablet and smiling, sitting on sofa at home

Gripping facets of war haunt us in our daily lives. With the pandemic going on, it is a battle of all living humans against an unseen viral infection, CoVid-19, taking away millions of lives in a day.

Between people and the virus, the battle has been very harsh. So, the things we hold onto during these times are the things we know will never fail to protect us and be there for us when we are in times of need- Family

The essence of a family is seen through how its members interact with each other. Here are a few reminders to have a healthy family and a community:

– Bring peace, not war.

To understand peace, one must first grasp the concept of positive interpersonal interactions. When we first think of peace, we think of dictatorship, which unites a country through restraint. Requiring others to comply with one’s own desires is a form of manipulation. For the most part, peace means having positive relationships with one another, being in a safe environment with others, and feeling a growing circle with people who want to assist one another while also succeeding daily.

– Listen, don’t hear.

Communication is a critical tool in rationalizing the reality in place. Empathy plays a huge role in achieving a strong bond. Being there for other people is not limited to doing concrete action. Sometimes, a good ear and a patient heart are enough to stir positivity. To listen is to know, absorb, and understand people’s perspectives as they are sharing them. 

– Know responsibilities.

Acknowledging your responsibilities fosters trust between one person to another. Knowing that you know that person will be responsible enough to be there when you call establishes a connection that allows both individuals to thrive within the relationship. Knowing our responsibilities can lead to a reputation of whom our family can call upon whenever things worry them.

When we talk about family, we talk about feelings, trust, love, conflict, and compromise. Our family is the most incredible group of people we will ever have in our lives. However, these people are human too. As a result, promoting a healthy family is absolutely essential!