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What might you do when you are Kidnapped?

Life can have quite the savage ordeals. What we experience are the things that shaped our identity as individuals. However, we may never know what exactly might happen to us in the next day or two. So that leaves you to the question, what might you do when you are kidnapped?

There are a few fundamental truths of why people kidnap other people. Here is a list of the possible reasons why kidnapping occurs and ways on how to deal with them, just to make sure we are all ready to face any unprecedented situation in our lives. 

– People kidnap others to gain monetary wealth through demanding ransoms.

Commonly experienced by rich families. People target the most vulnerable individuals with wealthy kin in order to gain power over them, allowing the kidnappers to impose a particular ransom in exchange for the safety and return of the individual. Best to lean on humility and try to follow the captor’s requests of you. Most of the time, they only want the ransom money and are not interested in hurting you.

– People kidnap others to have revenge.

Commonly witnessed through people with deep wounds. Revenge is a pitiful concept that is enacted by those who are hurt the most in life. Planting grudges against other people is not rare to human beings. The best way to deal with this kind of captors is to quickly find a way out of their grasp as these people may not at all be interested in the ransom money they would get from you. Instead, their main objective is to hurt you- or worse.

– People kidnap others out of whim.

Commonly observed on people with a neurological concern. These people have no regard for you, nor to any feelings whatsoever. Their main concern is to hold you captive and have their time with you out of excitement. These are very dangerous people as no one ever knows what transpires inside their minds. Although there is no exact way of finding yourself around this type of captor, there is a huge chance of getting loose from them should any loopholes in your captivity surface.

Originally, the term “kidnap” was coined to mean stealing children back in the old days. However, in modern times, kidnapping is now applicable to the abduction of people (and even animals) of all ages. No one is exempt from the danger of being abducted by unfamiliar individuals. Now, what might you do when you are kidnapped?