Alice Weil Novels

Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

Wisdom in Isolation

The pandemic has really sunk into the daily lives of every person all over the world. Workers deprived of free public access and children stuck within the boundaries of their homes. What say you, dear reader? Is there even a difference between what it feels like under the hands of people who kidnapped you versus facing this pandemic? Is there even wisdom in isolation that we are all subjected to?

Being kidnapped or having CoVid-19 are two things that may sound different but can deal a similar impact on a person under isolation. Most people experience a depressive state whenever they feel like they’ve been stuck in the same position over and over again, unable to break free from the chains that hold them down. However, being confined is not limited to such obvious captors. It may be that you are stuck in an agonizing career loop of which you are yearning to break loose to find a new job, but you can’t? Or it may also be when you feel like your friends or family are tying you down to stay in your local town when what you really want is to travel around the world?

You see, dear readers, life is just a battle for independence and peace. What you encounter today may or may not be permanent. The things that matter today may not matter in the coming days. We never know how much your feelings of isolation can become the seed for lasting solitude. This uncertainty is a driving force that could push us to see the many possibilities that lay before us in the future. 

Despite all of these, one thing is certain: There is wisdom in isolation. You don’t need the accompaniment of others to know how grounded you are in this world. Likewise, you do not need the approval of other people to be the person you are and do the things you want.