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A Strong Mind is a Strong Armor

This world is a terrifying place for life to dwell in. Problems such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and the pandemic, to name a few, are the things that have surfaced, posing a significant threat to the human population. However, what makes all of these issues the deadliest tenfold? It’s how we perceive them and address them to stand against them. A strong mind is a strong armor.

Life can be hard at times, and in those times, we all need that tiny push to keep us going. But what if you’re facing your foe alone? Who will then give you the strength to go on? Why yourself, of course! 

There is no one better in this world who you know will entirely be there for you, dear reader, no questions asked. Hence, here are a few tips on things to remember whenever you feel like things aren’t going according to how you’d view them, especially when facing an enemy.

  1. Know why you are fighting. (Purpose)

There wouldn’t be a battle if no one started the fight. In the same manner, no battle would be happening if there was no underlying purpose. Who would want to fight a senseless war? But the point is this, should you continue to fight, you must know the WHY

  1. Remember who you are. (Identity)

You must know yourself to give yourself entirely into the fight. No person proudly succeeds with only half the effort. To know yourself is to be aware of your abilities, leading to the success you never knew you were capable of achieving.

  1. Who are you fighting for? (Motivation)

Finally, to fight a battle without knowing who you are fighting for is a pointless endeavor. Know your motivation; therefore, know your strength. Then it will lead you to your path to greatness. Be courageous and stand for what you believe in.

The best way to fight a hard battle is to have a strong mindset. Do this, and you will reap your strength by the end of your journey. A strong mind is a strong armor indeed.