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Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

Our Contributions to the Destruction

The world is where we are all allowed to freely take our shelter temporarily. We live and thrive through what Mother Nature has provided us for our daily necessities. Food, water, the air in the atmosphere, soils and rocks, energy, and life are some of the basic things we get from our dear Earth. She has endowed upon us great gifts to borrow and return. However, our contributions to the destruction of these gifts are piling up at an alarming rate, and it’s only going to get worse. What say you, dear reader? Is nature a gift to cherish or a thing to destroy?

One might think that our world keeps on replenishing its resources as if an unlimited supply of things exists in this world. But in sad reality, all we consume and utilize are to be replaced and be cultivated as expected of borrowing tenants of this planet. Mother Nature does not work day and night for billions of years to nurture all of its components just to have them devoured and destroyed by humans.

The daily consumption of organic materials, producing so much carbon waste to the immense pollution happening on land, air, and the vast oceans. These things pull us into dark oblivion that will result in a deadly future. But, no one sees this. It’s as if humans are functioning each day with a blindfold covering their eyes while complaining of contaminated water, viral sickness, and polluted air.

We are posing a significant threat to civilization and life itself. Plants are depleting, wildlife is one by one becoming extinct, and a variation of deadly viruses are rising due to the mere disregard of humans. Being higher intellectual beings, we are bestowed upon a responsibility to one another and the land we occupy. The survival of this world hangs in the balance of how we treat it. Our contributions to destruction are becoming worse, and our doom is rising imminently.