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The Daily Threats

The Earth that we live in is a paradise for human civilization. Everything we need to live and survive is present on this wondrous planet that we now call our own. The efforts to improve this living took a toll on the planet’s resources. At first, it was in tiny amounts; however, as time went by, people began to utilize more and more of our resources, treating Mother nature as an object to consume and consume we repeatedly did. As a result of this non-stop consumption, we face the daily threats our actions bring upon us.

However, most people are not aware of how intense these threats are that they’d instead choose to be blind over the signs of the dangers these can bring. Here are two significant threats that are rampant in the world today:

Pollution can mean so many things. In the air, in the water, on land, plastic, and noise, to name a few, are some of the major problems that cities, even countries, are trying to fix all over the world. Pollution[1] is the act of turning any form of matter (such as air, water, land, etc.) unsafe or unsuitable for usage. Despite it being a common thing that we can hear from a typical conversation, there is little effort to stop this threat from destroying everything we live in.

Global Warming
Global Warming is an enemy we have given birth to. The slow destruction of the ozone layer and the intensifying of storms are two of the dangers global Warming is serving on this planet. Ever wonder why people were able to sun-bathe and bear the intense heat of the day decades ago? Less UVB radiation was entering the Earth’s atmosphere by then. These were the days were the ozone layer of our atmosphere was in good condition leading to better protection from the sun.

While these two are just the product of humanity’s actions. There is still time for us to make up for the mistakes we’ve started. The daily threats we face are a reminder to take action against Pollution and Global Warming.