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Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

Keeping up with Corona

The years 2019-2021 have been a real roller coaster ride. For some, political concerns arose, and for others, economic crises were happening. Unfortunately for everyone on this planet, a great pandemic ravaged countries, killing millions of individuals mercilessly.

A virus named after its ancestral strains, the Corona Virus- 2019. Keeping up with Corona has been a challenge to billions of lives. Whether you are rich or poor, whatever health condition you might be in, or to whatever race you belong, no one escaped the wrath of this deadly virus, and no one has yet come out untouched by the events that transpired during Corona’s time. Here is a list of the things that were evidently a negative outcome of the Pandemic’s presence all over the world:

Rising Unemployment

When the Pandemic began creeping into place, people were unaware of the dangers it would bring. Businesses functioned as usual, and services resumed as if no threat existed just outside each country’s borders. But when CoVid did hit, buildings were shut down, and only supermarkets that sold essential goods were allowed to open. Basically, people lost their jobs. No one had expected this and were stuck frozen in a state of shock of the sudden unemployment. Businesses slowly closed while the smaller ones disbanded. It was a dreadful time, a dead end.

Lockdowns and Border restrictions

Countries were might as well considered unprepared. Nobody had expected this phenomenon, and nobody prepared. There were loads of casualties, with hospitals piling up. What worsened the situation was the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by most governments in an effort to contain the virus and prevent it from further spreading. But it was already too late. Community protocols were established, and people became more and more restricted to move about their community.

Insufficient Supply of Goods

People tend to hoard items they know will become scarce in the next few weeks. This was the case during the first phase of the Pandemic’s uprising. Too many people hoarded disinfectants and toilet papers, leaving other people vulnerable to the virus themselves.

However, despite everything, the reality imposed by this phenomenon gave rise to a flourishing virtual society. In keeping up with Corona, humanity found a way to thrive online, eliminating unnecessary personal interaction outside the homes. Some say the Pandemic was a blessing, but most regard it as a curse.