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Do people need to be a blood relative to be called family?Friends and family, are they really that different?

We live in a world where norms are quickly changing. For some countries, traditions are starting to get disregarded for mere trends; and ancient culture is fading away. But family is family, and you can never replace certain people who have influenced you ever since you were a child.

The question is, do people need to be a blood relative to be called family?

We see the notion of taking care of family through materialistic deeds and money. In most Asian countries, if your parents feed you, clothe you, and give you shelter, then you grow up with a debt to them. In turn, you must strive hard and earn as much money as possible to support their lifestyle. While in modern western society, children are set liberated from parental control when they grow past seventeen. Now, dear reader, what can you say about the barrier that bounds cultural differences among the people of the world when everyone is starting to not only embrace but adapt to the culture practiced in all parts of the world?

Our children are often lost and unaware of the many possibilities that lay before them as they take their first step into this world. The amount of support we have for them is vital. However, it is not the only support our children can receive.

Friends, well, true friends are the people who are well-tied to us and know us by heart. They are there when we need them most, just as family does whenever we need somebody to lean on. Do people need to be a blood relative to be called family? I believe the answer to this question is obviously no.

Our friends, just like our family, provide us with the courage and strength to face our life’s daily struggles. Let’s put it this way: in a classroom, our family is our teachers. They are the experienced individuals who are there to impart their knowledge about life and all its ups and downs. On the other hand, our friends are our classmates. They are there with us when we face our struggles, and we go through them together. They experience things at our level and give us the peace of having someone who has our back whenever we need them.