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Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

War is at our doorsteps

Peace is on the brink of death, and nature struggles to survive. In a society where people shun each other, is there a way through the mess we are all caught up with? War is at our doorsteps, and there will always be danger, fear, and doubt. No man is safe from the ever-threatening fires of doom that blaze upon humanity as we continue to develop further into civilization and destroy every single natural resource we have.

Nature’s struggle to survive is at its peak. As a citizen of a constantly progressing country, what do you do to contribute to the betterment of your nation? Here is are two humane actions we must partake in to avoid unnecessary conflict and aid our planet to breathe:

Be informed.

In a community where legitimate and false information is spreading rapidly among individuals, it is vital to be well-informed about society’s current events. Sometimes it saddens me to think that it now requires a certain level of critical thinking skills to properly consume the right kind of information. However, it is never too late to hone our skills and put them to the test. With the growing media sources, we are subjected to consuming information at all times. Best be prepared and be informed.

Take actions necessary for the good.

When you are aware of the things around you, you develop action plans and try to do something about your observations. The only thing you need to do is actually get up and start the ‘doing’ part. Taking actions toward a better future may mean becoming eco-friendly and consuming lesser plastic materials. It could also mean participating in go-green tree planting events or simply picking up trash you see on the road. We contribute to the world in our own little way by taking action. Now imagine all of us trying to do something ‘little’ each day. What a future that would be!

War is definitely at our doorsteps. But the war we are facing is not just a war with humanity but is it with nature. What can we do to try and avoid it? We work harder just as our ancestors did in the past. Let us restore this beautiful world to what it was.