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When Living Away from Home

When we reach a certain age, we are driven by the urge to leave our homes and live independently in the attempt to find our own lives away from our childhood ties. It is when living away from home that we realize all the things we deserve. Most people say that the home is where their comfort zone lies.

However, this may not be true for every single person on the planet. Some would prefer to be at home most days, taking care of their parents and tending to their families, and others would love a life outside their known world. 

What may be waiting for you when you decide to live by yourself? I’ve prepared three things that you will most likely encounter when you start a life of independence:

Major Culture Shock

Experiencing culture shock in a new environment is not something new. The moment you step out of your home, to a place you’ve never been before, awaits a future you are yet to discover. You might have new rules to follow, or you might be given a role that’s new to what you are used to. Nevertheless, a major culture shock is bound to happen!

Social Pressure

When social cues persist, one ought to fall into the reigns of the debt trap. It is vital to resist the temptation to mimic the lives of those around you. What you’ve gone through in life is different than what others’ past is. If they have the funds to buy stuff, it does not necessarily mean you do. Remember that.


Ah… the homesickness is the most sentimental and most fragile time when you decide to live away from home. One right word from the wrong people, and you might find yourself packing up your things and catching a flight home. When living away from home, you need to be strong and determined to push through a battle you need to fight alone. Homesickness will just be one battle to fight; all the other obstacles are for you to find out.