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Pinnacle Book Achievement Awardee

Violence is Never the Answer

Growing up in these trying times has created children with higher intellect and analytical skills. What used to be the era where only the powerful had the ability to speak up has now declined. Those sitting in the official offices are bound by the opinions of mass media and democratic protocols. What we see in news channels and social media about governments being toppled down by military forces or by external conflicts are all part of a plan to gain power. What we constantly witness can be basically attributed to the theory of evolution where only the strongest primates rule over the land while the weak are bound to give in. However, in the modern-day era, violence is never the answer to all the worldly struggles we are facing each day.

When humans declared war against each other, humanity lost the vision for peace. Through civil wars, world wars, and conflicts between the government and its people, the world is slowly drifting away from the purpose of creation- unity, and peace. How can one be an instrument for a peaceful end? I believe in what Hindus call Dharma, a religious and moral law that governs individual conduct.

Dharma is the power that maintains society, it makes the grass grow, the sunshine, and makes us moral people or rather gives humans the opportunity to act virtuously.” – Professor Gavin Flood, 2009

When we disregard the fact that despite all our differences, we are all one of the same people who descended from an initial race. When we turn to violence and try to eliminate all our foes, we slowly lose what is left of our humanity. The plea to end the suffering of all our brothers and sisters is being disregarded and misheard for ignorance. The lack of accountability is driving our human race to its doom. Violence is never the answer to all the pressing issues this world is constantly facing.