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A Letter to My Friends


To all my beloved friends,

You should know that you indeed are a blessing to every person you have shared your presence with. The memories we have made are those I ponder on from time to time. I cherish our friendship just as my ancestors have built a relationship of friends that have been the groundwork of what I know today is my life. The values we have developed have always aided me in making the decisions in my life. Thus constantly creating a better version of myself day in and day out.

Your friend,


Letters exist for the purpose of delivering a message to the receiver. There are plenty of many ways to go about a letter, and there are various means to deliver them. Today, creating a letter from scratch is not as troublesome as it was before. Sending a letter to my friends is as simple as clicking the send button on the messaging app. Take the letter I wrote before starting this blog as an example. Just after a few taps on my device, a wholesome message is now published for you to read!

This advancement has paved the way for the countless genuine connections made through the internet. Messaging in real-time is now quick and easy so as to make a friend from the opposite side of the world in a matter of minutes. When the world felt lost in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, movements with the goal of helping Ukrainian locals were immediately dispatched. Communication lines were constantly open, and people were continuously provided updates while finding new ways to provide adequate aid to one another.

“Let us never forget, let us always remember that love, gratitude, compassion, and friendship transcend distances and all circumstances.”—Survival: A Story of Friendship, Epilogue.

Giving letters and sharing messages are strong tools for survival. A simple compliment or a ‘take care’ note can be vital for someone who is already going through a lot in their life. When you know that your friends will never forsake you in good times and in bad, you will be reassured that you will never be able to abandon yourself in your silent battles.

This blog is meant to deliver a letter to my friends and loving readers. Yes, you! Thank you for being a friend to the people around you and me.

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