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Distinguished writer, Alice Weil, of Austin Macauley Publishers was awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in June 2020. Alice Weil won the “Best Books in the Category of History” award for her book, “Survival: A story of Friendship.” Pinnacle Book achievers award has been awarding some of the finest independently published awards for the last 30 years.

A story that draws the reader in with its poignant minimalism, “Survival: A Story of Friendship” by Alice Weil is a tapestry of two generations of a German Jewish family caught in the turbulent shadow of war. It starts with the return of the well-meaning Sigmund to Frankfurt fresh from his deployment as an officer in the Prussian Army to assume his role in the family business run by the astute Paul.

A genuinely mesmerizing account of a family in the post-World War I, Survival: A Story of Friendship Part 2 by Alice Weil is a sequel that continues the narratives of Freddy, Helene, and Nellie as they reconnect on foreign land as a family.

Fulfilling Sigmund’s only wish for the family, life had to continue in Colombia in the company of Abraham, their dear friend.

The war was slowly ending as the three were now living in Bogota, where Freddy had become a fine young man. He acquires a love for business while working as a fantastic salesman.

With the help of Abraham, Freddy became an established Colombian citizen, a feat he longed for quite some time. He started a business while successfully running it in its early years with his newfound love, his wife, Vera. Unbeknownst to the workaholic, who Freddy is, this starting company would play a massive role in the Colombian economy today.

A dumbfounding book with the most captivating story, Author Alice Weil did a remarkably authentic recollection of the archives of her ancestors. In addition to this, the book accurately dictates historical information of the places and people involved in the story. I was able to put myself in the characters’ shoes quite easily with the vivid description and accuracy of the settings. The book is an easy read with chapters flowing from one viewpoint to another in smooth transitions, and without a doubt, worth every second of the time I have spent reading. Once you start, it’s going to be difficult to quit!

Survival: A Story of Friendship – Part 2 has been chosen as one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Winter 2022.

We live in a time of uncertainty; our world seems to be spiraling down into an ill-fated abyss, created by the inhuman, materialistic and predatory ways of modern society. With an ever-increasing greed for money and perpetual lust for the mundane, mankind forces itself onto the designs of Mother Nature and does not care to think of the consequences other than those immediate.

However, Mother Nature can only take so much – she is angry, saddened, and hurt, so her response comes as in the form of an Agent – a minuscule being that throws humanity into the fight of a century, in hopes it may bring some sort of restoration to the human soul. 

If the story sounds awfully familiar, it is because it is none other than the tale of how Covid-19 happened and its consequences.

“Mother Nature and the Agent” is the third book by author Alice Weil, who knows how to tackle delicate themes, as seen in her other works.

It will certainly be a book to be read for many years by teens who were too young or weren’t just born at when the dreadful sickness affected our world. But the author goes beyond: with her background on the spirit through Indian teachings, she believes there is a message we can all learn from the whole experience: one that brings us to reflect on our Dharma and our relationship with the prana, the life force that permeates all, and to which we must always be attuned to, in harmonic balance.

“Mother Nature and the Agent” won the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners for Fall 2021 in the category of Environmental.

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) has listed “Kidnapped”, a memoir written by our inspiring author Alice Weil, as the best book in the category of memoir in the Summer 2020 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. Each year, for the past 37 years, NABE presents some of the finest books published by their members.

I will say that reading Kidnapped made me relate to the author profoundly.

I haven’t been a victim of such a crime, but I live in a country where it is a regular occurrence, with very similar scenarios as to what Alice Weil has gone through. There are no fictional clichés here; the author’s story ends with a bittersweet letter that is too real and that brings to mind the doubt of what you would do if you had experienced the same tragedy. Would you be able to forgive everybody who had been involved in it?

JerryJust finished your novel, that was truly a beautiful story. I can honestly say that it is my favorite novel so far in my short 67 years. I’ll be ordering for friends. Don’t forget I need you to sign one for me.

Cathy: The blue, the soft colours, the little penguins, the drawings… Then the title MOTHER…. all this environment soothes us and leads us into the story.. “Once upon a time… But it is the story of an Earth and a Mother Nature who are tired of being disfigured and destroyed by their tenants and seek to alert these poor humans so that they stop their harmful actions. This brings us back to a harsh reality! which is very well depicted through the different chapters. And to think that Mother Nature gives all power to a Virus Agent (to the point of locking us up or even killing us) so that we finally react, why not. We have reached a great turning point in humanity and we need to rebalance the forces between man and nature. This is a story that is bound to have a sequel, good or bad. I appreciate that you have shared this book with me, an interesting testimony for the young generations present and future generations… After and to express a very personal feeling, I have just finished reading “Kidnapped”. With “Mother” I have the impression of having lived through 2 imprisonments in a row, of course in completely different conditions and contexts. But it struck me. You have been a prisoner, many years ago and found yourself imprisoned once more. I thank you for allowing me to read your work. To the next one then…

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