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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

How are you? Are you doing alright? I am sorry for taking so long to make things right, but I am here now. I want to let you know that my time with you has been a blessing. This gift is given to me so that I may enjoy all the beautiful things you have to offer the living.

All the plants, the trees, fresh, clean air, pristine waters, and land space that we may dwell upon are just a few of the things you have given us. The amount of your generosity for letting us use you for our civilizations to prosper is overwhelming. So much as it has planted greed and pride in the hearts of humans, wanting to own everything for themselves. For this, I want to say sorry.

I apologize for every oil they extract from you and every mineral they take off your precious reserve. They shoot or kill the animals, and for every plant that dies despite you nourishing it each day. On behalf of all humanity, I am ashamed for the cruel actions we have brought upon your doorstep, only for you to have no choice but to sit and watch as we slowly destroy everything you have worked for throughout the billions of years.

It may not be a one-step solution, but we slowly realize all the mistakes made for the past century. The carbon footprints, the pollutions, and the death. Dear Mother Nature, I know that this was never what you wanted, yet it happened. The dangers are inevitable now, and all we can do is lessen the progression. The world will never return back to normal, so for the time being, unless a miracle happens to come, all that we can do to stop the worsening of these threats and restore the world to what it was meant to be is to stop. Stop treating the Earth as if it’s a piece of possession for us to consume. The Earth is our home, after all.



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