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Déjà vu

Ever been out for coffee with a friend and you suddenly realize how familiar the situation is? More often than not you may have claimed it was  “Déjà vu!”

If you are not familiar with the word, déjà vu (n.) is the feeling of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time. People oftentimes feel as though they’ve encountered that moment before somewhere in the past, some people even claim to have seen it as a vision in a dream. 

Déjà vu is not a rare case in day-to-day life. The actions that we have done and will do for years in our lifetime have the possibility of repeating in a loop.

“Life is a cycle that repeats itself time and time again on our offspring, our grandchildren, and in our future.”—Survival: A Story of Friendship Part 2

So many events in world history resemble current events when we read about them in books. All the pandemics, all the wars, and countless terror issues were spread across the globe and in different time periods. And as cryptic as it may sound, our history does repeat itself. Take a moment to think about how each war and pandemic has affected the world, killing many people and putting their lives in danger as well.

This cycle works with so many phenomena that embed themselves unto our lives only to move away and come back after years of idleness. And yet, only a few ever take that risk of avoiding impending doom for themselves and the people around them despite all the warnings from previous events. Not knowing it takes a union to precisely prevent disaster from happening.

“The innocent ones are made to pay for the sins of others” – Helene (from the book, Survival: A Story of Friendship—Part 2)

It’s as common to see our own history repeat itself as it is to experience déjà vu. Now back to the cafe, while getting ready to leave with your friend, you too felt a sense of familiarity with the cafe, as if you and your friend were meant to be there having a chat. Nobody has ever figured out how things like this happen, but they do.

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