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Do people need to be blood relatives to be called family?


Nowadays, we live in a world where social norms are constantly changing. Moreover, in some countries, these well-known traditions are slowly being disregarded for mere trends, while such “old-fashioned” practices are slowly fading. Whatever the case, there are some things you can never really replace completely like family. After all, their influence plays a strong impact on you since you were a child.

Still, that begs the question: Do people need to be blood relatives to be called family?

The answer itself is not so simple. While others believe that families are irreplaceable because of blood relations, others have a more unorthodox definition of family. Here are just some examples:

1. Family is who play the most active role in your growth.

This fact can be interpreted in many ways. For traditionalists, they believe that your parents and siblings are these power players because they are the closest of kin. For others, “growth” isn’t just about physical changes but also psychological and moral.

2. Family is who influences you the most.

This refers to the values and mindset you develop overtime. For example, a nuclear family could exist, but to a child, it was their teacher who played the most active role in shaping their values as a person.

3. Family is where your loyalties lie.

Many wayward souls who have found kinship in friends or groups may find this the most appealing. Whether it’s because of a dysfunctional home or a series of unfortunate events, loyalty can determine a person’s bond with another. To them, it didn’t matter if their mother was a presence in their lives, if she didn’t inspire loyalty in her child then she is only a blood relative and nothing more.

The Bottom Line:

Whatever your definition of family is, it’s important to note that its dynamics are far deeper than what casual friends have. While there is no doubt that friendships are beautiful, not every friendship is a guaranteed replacement of family. Additionally, family bonds aren’t similar to friendships either because they could be distant or closer–depending on the person.

What about you? What do you think of family or friendships? Do you think you need to be blood-related to be family or do you see your friends as your only family? Let me know what you think!

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