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Four Terrifying Reasons Why People Kidnap

Kidnapping is a severe crime worldwide that can happen to anyone. From tourists to even children, kidnappers often have nefarious reasons for committing this crime. Some reasons why people kidnap their victims include:

  1. Poverty

Many people who live in impoverished countries are susceptible to falling victim to or perpetuating various crimes. Kidnapping is one of the many crimes that these people perform as a way to make ends meet. Kidnappers in these areas usually target wealthy individuals and tourists—hoping to make ends meet to move above the poverty line.

  1. Greed

Impoverished countries aren’t the only areas with a high kidnap rate. Even people in relatively wealthy countries have citizens who are not above committing such crimes. However, their lust for power and money far exceeds what is acceptable, so they don’t care who they harm.

  1. Politics

Enemies of the state often incorporate the use of kidnapping to leave a message. To some, blackmailing an influential man is necessary to enforce their influence. Most politicians use this tactic to establish fear and control among their enemies and fellow men.

  1. Corruption

Societies where corruption runs rampant often have several crimes go unpunished. Corruption is also profoundly related to poverty because the power of greed trumps the need to help. When corrupt leaders run a nation, people often resort to desperate acts to meet their needs. However, while poor people kidnap to survive, most influential corrupt figures perform this crime for nefarious reasons.

Kidnapping is a severe offense and can involve the victims undergoing physical and psychological trauma. Regardless of why kidnappings happen, no explanation is ever a justification for such a crime. If you are a tourist considering visiting countries, check the safety tips from travel websites before embarking on your holiday. Parents should also make it a point to teach their little ones to avoid strangers and never stray alone from a group. When we consciously decide to teach others about safety, we can reduce the risks of such events.


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