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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Every year, the world celebrates Earth Month in April, raising environmental issues while advocating for positive change.

This year’s Earth Day is on April 22, 2023, and while it may be a month away, it does help to prepare so you can get in the swing of things.

Fun Facts About Earth Month:

1. The First Earth Day was in 1970.

Senator Gaylord Nelson conceived the idea of Earth Day in the 1960s, which eventually became a reality on April 22, 1970. This date was specifically chosen because it was between spring break and final exams in the hopes that college students would also participate. Thankfully, they did; it has been a yearly celebration ever since.

2. Earth Day Officially Went Global in 1990.

While the first Earth Day was in the United States, it became a global phenomenon in 1990 when the campaign spread worldwide—at least 200 million people in 141 countries, giving significant attention to initiatives like recycling.

3. There Is an Official Anthem.

Earth Day has an official anthem written and produced by poet-diplomat Abhay K. The song includes eight languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, and Nepali. You can check out the song on YouTube here.

Ways to Celebrate Earth Month:

With these fun facts in mind, you may be able to generate ideas on how to celebrate this year’s Earth Month. Here are some fun ideas to consider:

1. Watch some documentaries.

There are fantastic documentaries available that talk about current environmental issues. Some suggestions include An Inconvenient Truth (2006), I Am Greta (2020), and 2040 (2019).

2. Start a small garden or care for a small plant.

Thanks to the internet, we have countless resources that can teach us how to start our own garden. However, you live in a dense area. In that case, consider looking after some indoor plants with added benefits like purifying the air. What’s great about indoor plants is that many are affordable, low-maintenance, and add beauty to your home.

3. Volunteer.

If you like to do something that makes a change, consider volunteering around your community. Some ideas include cleaning up litter, tending to your local community garden, and hosting a clothing swap party with your friends and neighbors!

Takeaway: Earth Month is an annual celebration that reminds us of the beauty and wonders of our planet. When we take time to appreciate our environment, we remind ourselves that we are not separated from it but an integral part of it.

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