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How to Be a Good Friend

Having trustworthy friends can significantly boost the quality of your life. According to¬†researchers, friendships help enhances a person’s life by reducing stress, increasing confidence, and providing emotional support during difficult times. A friend’s influence also shapes your behaviors, values, lifestyle, and habits.

While finding a true friend is difficult, it’s also challenging to become one. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible, so here are some ways to become a good friend:

1. Offer support and encouragement.

Friends provide emotional support and encouragement to their friends to make them better and more well-rounded. They also say nice things that help others feel good and offer comfort when their friends need it.

2. Appreciate your differences.

Real friends understand that similarities aren’t the only basis of friendship. Be open to possible differences in interests and hobbies. It may even allow you to experience new things!

3. Be a good listener.

Communication is vital in any relationship, and one key factor is learning when to speak and when to listen. Tune up your listening skill by avoiding interrupting your friends if they talk and being genuinely interested in what they have to say.

4. Be a trustworthy friend.

Friends share secrets. Real friends don’t reveal private information to others and listen to their friends without judgment.

5. Spend time with them.

Spending time together helps deepen bonds and create a sense of community and connection. Going out together, having lunch, or pursuing a mutual hobby are great ways to bond.

6. Focus on quality over quantity.

Having a lot of friends doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happier. Instead, focus on friends with good values like honesty, integrity, respect, and trustworthiness. Also, learn to develop these values to be a valuable friend to others.

Takeaway: A true friend is hard to find and challenging to become. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible. While having many friends may be tempting, you must understand that mutual trust and love take time to develop.

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