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How to make friends

Making Friends in this rapidly changing society is a task most of us struggle with. We often regard the slightest actions as something to be worried about. No one is exempt from the notion that you are either too friendly or too reserved if you are new to the group. Well, dear reader, are you ready to break the stigma and be the change you want to see in society?

In this blog, I will gladly give you pointers on how to make friends! Although as simple as that may sound, making friends is a trivial task, especially when you are new to the community.

Strangers and Friends; positivity amid chaos.

Finding ways to get through a dreadful situation requires instinct that may lead to unexpected acquaintances. War is not a very nice situation to be involved in. In a place where every move we make is a threat to our lives, finding people who are fighting the same battle is not rare in this scenario. The best time to find positivity amid chaos is when you know that people around you are struggling as you are and that nothing better will come out of it unless you work together.

Be your own person.

Making a friend means seeing yourself in another individual. Whenever someone makes you comfortable, you know you are safe and accounted for. However, it is crucial for you to know that comfort is not the only thing that makes a friendship. You need to know yourself to be aware of what to look for in another individual. Birds of the same feather flock together. Thus, friends do not only make you comfortable, but they also welcome you into their lives as someone who shares the same interests in life.

Kindle your spirit with love, joy, and respect.

Your spirit is what will give you away when you talk with other people. When you feed your spirit negativity and hatred, it projects them unto your appearance. However, when you kindle your spirit with love, joy, and respect, your life will blossom tenfold, and others will be attracted to your radiating soul.

How to make friends is something you do every day. From the cashier ladies to the security guards, your ability to make friends is limitless. Anyone and everyone could be your friend if you want to. But, reality can sometimes be harsh, and it is important to know how to find real friends for life.

by Alice Weil

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