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In the 1900s (pt. 2)

Like the moon, the 1900s had many beautiful things to talk about. I spoke of the many wonderful things that made humans come to life early. Creativity flourished, and innovations were plenty!

However, like the moon, there are darker shades to the realities of the past. Here, dearest readers, I present the significant issues of concern that are present during the 1900s:

Resources were constantly depleted.

When one discovers a cave full of gold, what is the first instinct that comes into his mind? Well, yes, it would be to collect every ounce of gold and sell them to make a fortune, right? Capitalism has programmed the human mind to take what it finds and sell them in exchange for wealth. Although natural resources were abundant, people kept taking and taking them for themselves until we only had what is left of them today.

Inequality and Injustice thrived.

When certain people in societies become too involved and too powerful, the rest of the group will tend to be jealous. In the thirst for wealth, power, and security, most individuals experiencing many wars resorted to injustices. Killings, illegal trafficking for slavery, and immense intoxication of the environment were abundant to the point of massive deaths and pollution all over the world.

Constant Warfare (cultural, national, biological)

The world ran amok with all the countries hating each other. In Europe, we have the Ukraine conflict with Russia; in Asia, we have illnesses that are constantly mutating to develop epidemics; and in the Americas, we have an internal struggle with diversity and the people.

What happened in the past will always come back in the future, and the future is now. In its most straightforward aspect, warfare is seen almost every day we try to survive this world. When in the 1900s, people were left alone, homeless, and hopeless, today we are left with a rotting earth. Let’s be better, be kind, and be human.

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