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In the 1900s

I have always pondered on the thought of how simplicity made the most significant impact on one’s life and the world as we used to know it. In the 1900s, people were devoid of constant exposure to technological machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was only regarded as a myth during those days.

However, what made life so simple yet so complicated back then?

When people had only pen and paper to write on, there were lesser conflicts in the community. Battles were being fought privately, and the world was able to peacefully mind its own business. There are plenty of things that made the 1900s stand out; here are some of them:

Genuine Relationships

The absence of technology paved the way for relationships to flourish. People had time for family, friends, and neighbors. They would spend barbecues outside or go on a trip to the part with friends. Ah . . . what beautiful times that were! Everyone was present, and no one was diving into virtual reality.

Discovery was bountiful

Because there were so many things yet to discover, people had innovative ideas from left to the right. That ample hollow space to be filled by the internet and computers in the future opened great opportunities for people to explore and go wild with their imagination.

People are more in touch with nature.

Capitalism was slightly off during the 1900s with the many wars that happened. People gave so much importance to every natural resource they could find. From fruit trees to barn animals, every possible source of food and water was prioritized more than money. This led to people begin thinking practically about money expenditure and livelihood quality. Farmers were respected, and those who distributed the goods were praised.


In the 1900s, people had all the ways to be productive as they were. When we were given technology, despite its ability to make things easier for humanity, it has created a complicated lifestyle only fit for those who can afford it. However, those who cannot have suffered on a paycheck that would barely get them through the month.

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