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Life is a Bumpy Ride: Learning to Live through Adversity

Life constantly has its ups and downs. As such, we need to accept the good times and the bad. As for the latter, individuals learning to overcome adversity become more resilient. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that life is a bumpy ride, which means we must prepare ourselves! Here are ways on staying strong through hard times:

1. Be prepared.

Learning to manage your finances and resources can help ease the financial aspect of your problem. Aside from finance management, learning to build resilience through inner strength can help you build confidence.

2. Reframe your mind.

Part of developing resilience is changing how you view things. For instance, do you see obstacles as a dead-end or an opportunity to learn? If you see it as the latter, you have a “growth mindset.”

According to Carol Dweck, this mindset refers to people who believe their success depends on time and effort. These people understand that failure is part of the learning process and isn’t the end.

3. Learn from others.

It’s helpful to learn from others who have undergone the same situation. From overcoming depression, addiction, etc., the idea that you are not alone is a powerful tool. This realization helps you gain perspective and other solutions that can help you overcome your problem.

4. Seek help.

Fortunately, there are experts like coaches and therapists who offer advice. Whatever problem you may face now, learning to accept help from others is a big step. Working with experts means they have the experience and wisdom it takes to help you make a breakthrough.

5. Believe in your willpower.

Aside from asking for help from others, another thing we need to learn is to believe in ourselves. When we think of ourselves as failures, we unconsciously create a new reality we do not want.

Instead of admonishing yourself, try to practice self-compassion. Allow yourself to process your emotions, but don’t forget to pick yourself up after. Remember, it’s not the end; it’s just the beginning.

Bottom line:

Staying strong through hard times can be difficult. However, it helps to know that you are never alone. If you need help and support, contact your closest friends and family. You can also schedule an appointment with a therapist for a more objective view.

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