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The Three Kinds of Relationships We Need to maintain

We interact with society similarly to how our body interacts with the environment every day. Our ability to settle down and fit into a neighborhood is more than what we think it actually is. In a world where social interaction and environmental peace are vital to life, maintaining good relationships is a task all of us are called to observe. I have listed three kinds of relationships we must fundamentally foster to create a healthy relationship network.

Relationship with Self

How do you really work on maintaining good relationships when you yourself are unable to take a good grasp on your own identity? Our body is only the instrument to our success. Sometimes, it cooperates with our wishes, but most of the time, it fails. On days we want to go camping, we fall sick and get stuck inside the house.

It doesn’t really matter how your inter-relationships are when you are not taking care of your own needs and desires. Self-love is essential for self-growth, and self-growth is necessary for a healthy social life.

Relationship with the environment

Your environment is one way to channel yourself and be free of all the things that worry you. Max Ehrmann’s poem shared, “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.”

You are meant to be in this world, and your environment is your cradle. Keeping a good relationship with your home is the start of a bright tomorrow and a positive outlook on life.

Relationship with People

It is when hardships that your faithful companions in life start to surface. Having trouble with your life, a good friend will always get you through any struggle you might come across. The essence of being there for someone in both good times and in bad is what makes life more meaningful and precious. Tending to these relationships with one another will allow you to become someone who is able to see their worth and become contented with what they have.

by Alice Weil

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