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Reasons to Keep Hope

There are many instances where specific circumstances can leave us feeling demotivated, discouraged, and depressed. It can be difficult to see the bright side when things go wrong, especially when one problem always pops out after another.

However, it’s important to keep holding on to hope. Being hopeful is the undeniable faith that things will be alright, even if things are difficult right now. Here are reasons you need to hold on to hope:

  1. It reduces feelings of helplessness.

Being hopeful and believing that things get better empower us. Being hopeful allows us to avoid staying in a state of self-pity and isolation. It also enables us to reach out to others when we need help. When we allow ourselves to hope, we reduce feelings of helplessness while also allowing us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. It increases happiness.

Hope creates happiness, although it doesn’t always come quickly. Hope is not only a belief but also a skill that helps us live through suffering, so we can eventually open ourselves to happiness. If suffering a dark cave, hope is the small spark that will guide us through the darkness until we find the light.

  1. It creates resilience.

Aside from a belief and a skill, hope is also a weapon because it creates resilience. When we allow ourselves to hope despite suffering, we become stronger by allowing these painful circumstances to teach us lessons. If your spirit is a sword, hope is the whetstone that keeps your spirit sharp through life’s troubles.

  1. It improves our quality of life.

Being hopeful means opening ourselves up to happiness in the end. It also welcomes optimism because even if we suffer now, we’ll always make it through the future as long as we keep moving. Having hope can improve our quality of life by allowing us to stay positive regardless of circumstances.

Bottomline: Despite the pain and grief, holding on to hope is a testament to the human’s indomitable spirit. When we keep holding on to hope, we empower ourselves through suffering. We also acknowledge that suffering is temporary while accepting that happiness may not last—life is still a beautiful experience.

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