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Reasons to Teach Children Gardening

Agriculture is a practice that is as old as humanity. However, most farms oversee the agricultural sector, which is responsible for producing food resources on a large scale. Gardening, however, requires a small plot of land and can even be done indoors.

One way of getting children interested in the environment is to teach them how to tend a garden. When done correctly, children can learn lessons that benefit them physically and mentally. Here are ways in which gardening can benefit children:

1. It enables them to develop their motor skills. Gardening encourages children to use their senses, like seeing, touching, and smelling their surroundings. From learning to work the soil to create a thriving environment for plants—children will learn to appreciate the hard work of growing food. Through this physical activity, children will develop gross and fine motor skills, which apply to various other activities.

2. It teaches them the cycle of life. Life begins somewhere. This supposed beginning comes as a seed for most plants, which must be regularly cared for. When such needs are met, plants start growing as they adapt to their surroundings. When a child sees for themselves a plant’s life cycle, they can visualize how life came to be.

3. It teaches responsibility. Caring for a plant is like caring for a pet. This task requires daily tasks, checking on the plant’s progress, and taking charge of the plant’s well-being. Gardening helps children understand the concept of responsibility and how humans contribute to the ecological health of our planet. When entrusting tasks to a child, they become emboldened and use this to prove they must earn trust.

4. It offers them a relaxing hobby. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that anyone can enjoy. When someone starts pursuing this activity during their downtime, there are no deadlines or noises. You learn as you go at your pace.

You only need a basic starter kit, including seeds, in most arrangements. Gardening also comes in various types, which can be done in different living arrangements. If you think it’s impossible to start a garden because you live in an urban area, learn about the magic of indoor gardening and reap the benefits of developing your little one’s green thumb.

Takeaway: Gardening is a relaxing pastime from which anyone of any age can benefit. If you decide to teach your little ones the joys of gardening, consider narrowing your options and seeing which plants will best thrive in your current environment. Have fun!

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