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Reconnecting with Nature

Humanity forgets that we are not apart from nature but a part of it. We are moving too fast because of our current lifestyles, modern technology, or multiple distractions.

We are cutting ourselves away from nature.

Let me expand on the latter. We are moving too fast because everything has become a system. This occurrence leads to overworking, under-sleeping, oversleeping, overeating, overconsuming, and overproduction, turning our immediate world into a manufactured world.

But that is not the reality. We can’t and should not distance ourselves from nature. No matter how hard we try to compensate with technology and innovation, nature makes it a point to send a clear message. In an unpredictable universe, we are still only humans.

So, how do we connect with nature?

When we face the reality of our being, we become knowledgeable of our limits. While the human spirit and imagination can achieve intense feats, ideas, and concepts—we are still vulnerable to nature’s power. Instead of fighting against nature’s will, we need to work with it and use our intelligence to create a harmonious relationship.

One thing is that we need to get back to our roots. Humanity may be intelligent, resourceful, adaptable, and resilient—but we are also creatures with an agency. Our purpose shouldn’t be limited to just work, eating, and stress about every little thing. We are naturally curious about the universe, and when we disconnect ourselves from nature—we cannot fulfill a deep-seated need in our souls.

Next, we need to take things slow. Make time to log off from the man-made world of the internet and go on a walk. Write down three beautiful things you’ve seen in nature today. Indulge your senses with everything the world has to offer naturally. Enjoy the colors of the sky, the freshness of the water, the feel of grass beneath your bare feet, and the soft cries of morning birds.

Last but not least is to be present. Stop setting goals and expectations for a day. Stop worrying about productivity and reaching a quota for the future. Let tomorrow worry itself for just a bit while you unwind. Do something you want to do because you feel like doing it—sing, write, play with your pets, cook for a friend, or start a garden. For this step, stop consuming for a while and start creating something.

Life is too short and unpredictable to become automated. As brilliant and creative as we are, sometimes we need that little push to get us to stop the grind of unnecessary work and just let go. Trust me; it takes practice.

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