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Some Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Plastic Bags

Shopping for groceries and supplies has become more convenient than ever. However, many sources show that plastic shopping bags harm the environment. While we certainly can’t ask people to stop their business or quit shopping, we can encourage using alternatives to plastic bags!

If you’re thinking of taking the eco-friendlier route, here are some reusable alternatives to plastic bags for your next shopping trip.

1. Recycled paper bags.

The good news is that paper bags are ubiquitous in most shopping areas. Paper bags decompose quickly, have various sizes, and are less likely to suffocate animals and children than plastic bags.

However, it’s important to note that paper bags are not waterproof and can easily be damaged. They are also more expensive to buy, so recycling your old paper bags for single-use purchases is better.

2. Recycled foldable shopping bags.

Many reusable foldable shopping bags are made of polypropylene (PP) which is similar to plastic materials but feels more like fabric. Unlike their plastic counterparts, polypropylene is recyclable and can last long. They’re also washable, making them durable for shopping for produce.

3. Reusable mesh shopping bags.

Mesh shopping bags have been around for quite some time. They’re excellent for large products and items that will stay in the boxes, like fruits, vegetables, and even wine. Add extra protection to your mesh bag by adding a cloth pouch inside. They’re also quite durable and take up relatively little space.

4. Reusable cloth or mesh produce bags.

Various reusable cloth and mesh bags can last a long time, provided you know how to care for them. When washing them, use mild soap and dry them well. Another great thing about this option is that it doesn’t break or rip apart easily; however, shoppers should be aware that they should only keep their produce in these bags for a day to ensure freshness.

5. Woven shopping bags or baskets.

Stylish yet traditional, woven shopping bags or baskets come in various sizes and shapes. They are durable, can make a great gift basket, and are biodegradable—making it an excellent investment. Many of these baskets also come in various materials like grass, reeds, and bamboo.

Takeaway: Selecting the right shopping bag may require time, but the investment is worth it. If you’re looking for ways to ensure you’re shopping guilt-free, invest in a few of these options and care for them, so they last a long time.

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