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Telling a Story from the Past

Stories are beautiful mediums to tell something, convey a feeling, or express an event. Literati and Creatives all over the world love to share their thoughts through the many manuscripts published stretched across time.

The beauty of the stories I have shared holds a sentiment that ties me to a yesterday I have longed to tell for years. Telling our family’s story from the past is an honor that I take pride in. Having the ability to be the voice of my ancestors is a privilege not everyone can be proud of.

When people read a story, they want to feel the story taking place within the bounds of their imagination or even reality.

Many bookworms, the people who love reading books, are drawn to amazing stories. Stories with action, drama, love, and even fantasies are major eye catchers for readers who love great novels these days. However, fiction aside, some genres also captivate one’s heart not with imagination but with scholastic expressions. There are historical textbooks, biographies, and even written news articles that depict an event that happened in real life.

The stories we hear and read each day are something we shouldn’t dismiss as a dead man’s tale. Helene used to tell herself:

“One more change is better than going to prison or losing one’s life.”— Survival: A Story of Friendship Part 1, chapter 46.

Taking in something new, something different, a story of another person, is better than losing the chance to change at all.

The thoughts that emerge from the stories people consume are the keys to innovation and new discoveries. When we are exposed to a wide range of stories, we experience a spark, a connection with the stories, and tend to associate our lives with the characters involved. Then this spark engulfs our spirits to become better, to be awakened into a world of wonders.

Telling a story from the past contains a power that influences our lives and maybe changes us.

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