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The Biggest Environmental Issues Today

Thanks to climate change, the world has brought numerous environmental issues in 2022. Here is a list of the biggest problems today:

  1. Pollution

Air, land, and water pollution are one of the most significant environmental issues. Excess use of fossil fuels, materials that do not decompose, and plastic in the waters make them uninhabitable for many species. Additionally, excessive use of light and noise also causes light and noise pollution, respectively. Both of which have a significant impact on our health.

  1. Global Warming

Second, on our list of environmental issues is Global Warming. This issue refers to the increasing temperatures in the earth, which can melt ice caps and affect the soil. When left untreated, the world can be practically inhabitable.

  1. Water shortages

Water is the source of life that is essential for our health and function. However, a lack of viable water sources can ruin a community’s entire system. It can also affect lives in the wild and make it harder to grow crops.

  1. Wildfires

A surprising report in 2017 found that humans were behindĀ 84% of all wildfires in the United States. Wildfires happen because of factors like abandoned cigarettes, careless handling of campfires and barbecues, and even “gender reveal parties.” Aside from air pollution, wildfires can lead to many health problems like lung issues, allergies, and even premature death.

These are a few of the many environmental issues in the world. With so many effects affecting us, it’s essential to make some drastic changes. However, we cannot do it alone. Suppose you are considering making a change. Contact your local government representative today.


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