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The Effects of the Coronavirus

The years 2019-2021 have undoubtedly been a roller coaster ride. There is no doubt that the negative impacts of Covid 19 on society have spread worldwide. Regardless of your economic, political, or religious standing—here are just some of the effects of Covid 19 on the world:

  1. Rising Unemployment Rates

Aside from the rising number of cases and death toll, the pandemic has also brought rising unemployment rates across different industries. Many businesses—big or small—have experienced a setback in their operations due to strict health protocols. Unfortunately, some companies cannot sustain through numerous lockdowns, making them less likely to make a profit. The less profit made, the more likely businesses may have to let go of their employees or shut down.

Additionally, some companies may limit their hiring rate because of strict protocols and a lack of funds. Fortunately, some companies have compromised and made a work-from-home option available.

  1. Lockdowns and Border Restrictions

Social distancing protocol requires avoiding gathering in closed-off spaces. Certain countries have tried shutting down “non-essential” areas, including theaters and entertainment centers. Stricter countries have used local law enforcement, ensuring that people are not leaving their homes unless necessary.

In some countries, governments have enacted border restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus. Unvaccinated individuals cannot travel outside the city or to certain areas, even if the person wishes to visit family.

  1. Insufficient Supply of Goods

The sudden halting of business operations has made it challenging to meet the demands of the population. Limited resources like toilet paper, medications, and hand sanitizers are depleting. Some people have even resorted to hoarding these items, leaving others vulnerable to the virus and its effects.

There are several factors in how covid 19 affected the world. From economic, social, and political aspects, this experience has undoubtedly changed the world forever.


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