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The End is a Doorway to a New Beginning


They say that the end is a doorway to a new beginning. Well, I don’t disagree. As we take up the steps of becoming better versions of ourselves, we experience a change like we’ve never even imagined when we were young. The fear of the dreadful possibilities of a new reality can be overwhelming. A mysterious journey, as I so call it. But, just like a baby bird needing to learn how to fly on its own, a new path in life must be made; even if we think we are not cut out for the journey ahead.

“We all have to make our own discoveries. If you go somewhere you haven’t been before without illusions or expectations, you have no apprehensions and you’re open-minded and are able to have a wonderful experience as the one you have had.” – Mr. Schneider

Innocence is like a blindfold that is placed over our eyes at birth; it does not allow us to see what lies ahead in unfamiliar places. This innocence, on the other hand, will aid us in coping with the trials and tribulations of life. Taking risks and gaining experience are the best ways to deal with the uncertain future each individual holds.

“There is no reason for getting upset when things don’t work out as one wishes as there is usually something better waiting in the shadows.”- Mrs. Evelyn

There is no shortcut to success. In the face of every obstacle, there is a door that leads to the destiny that you were meant to achieve; a path that is both uncertain and risky. But what is life without these? What is life without the innocent feeling of failure and the satisfying sigh of success? What is life without the ever change of times, from the childlike innocence to the wisdom of maturity? Indeed, the end is a doorway to a new beginning. It just takes you to find that door and open it.

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