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The Importance of Keeping Integrity at Work

Working in a job with various people with different backgrounds and values can pose some challenges, especially if you’re not compatible. However, one way to take pride in your work is to carry yourself with integrity and respect.

First, what is integrity?

Integrity is the value of honesty and moral uprightness. It’s doing the right things even if it’s unpopular and sticking to your principles even when others won’t.

Having integrity can help you appreciate your job and avoid negative influences. Here are reasons why it’s essential to keep your values at work:

1. It keeps your conscience clear.

Working with honesty and care ensures that your conscience is clear and unbothered. While it’s tempting and more economical to use tools that rig the system, there are instances when it may clash with your values. If you can do an excellent job without shortcuts, try to do so. 

2. It teaches you to value honesty and openness.

Honesty is rare on most days. Most people who want to climb up the career ladder would sometimes let blind ambition stop them from the fair and tested path. Nevertheless, if you do not believe in such methods, avoid engaging in such behaviors and avoid people who do. Be transparent with your work so others can benefit from your example. It also helps to avoid engaging in office gossip and other negative behaviors that could lower the team’s morale.

3. It speaks volumes of your character and value as an employee.

Having an employee with integrity and values reflects the company’s good name. It also enables people to trust you more and earn respect from your clients, peers, and superiors. When you gain respect and admiration, you feel more confident in your job and more inspired to do better.

Takeaway: Showcasing integrity at work by being honest and working hard speaks volumes about your character. However, it’s also essential to remember that not every employee may value integrity. Others may even find you “boring” because you refuse to play office politics. Nevertheless, your values may not blend well with your current work environment. In that case, you may consider someplace else.

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