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Three Tips to Avoid Debt


As of today, the economy has risen significantly. Commodities have become more difficult to obtain as a result of rising market prices. The fact that the global economy is expanding shows that we are living in an evolving era. However, some may argue that the world is progressing too quickly, leaving behind the people who are actually doing the work with low incomes. When it comes to a better life, society has a problem with how credit is handled. While credit is often quick, simple, and dependable, it should never be taken for granted. To borrow money is to put oneself in a position of debt, which is never a good thing.

With that note, here are three easy tips to avoid debt and all of its tempting glory.

Tip # 1- Do a one-month rule

If you are a shopaholic, The one-month rule may be familiar to you. When you’re contemplating a purchase, you give yourself at least four weeks to consider the item’s worth to you. Consider whether or not going into debt as a result of that particular purchase will be beneficial to you.

Tip # 2- Know the difference between a need and a want

We all go through a phase where we see everything as a necessity and feel compelled to acquire it. This, however, is a dangerous practice. You’d be drowned in debt when time comes. Determine what is essential and what isn’t. You’ll be able to make better purchasing decisions as a result of doing so.

Tip # 3-  One only buys when one has the money to pay

A wise ancestor of mine once had a saying that goes, “One only buys when one has the money to pay.” And it has been one of the most insightful things I have learned to carry with me throughout my life. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you have the money and can be assured you are able to repay the debt to buy what you want before making a purchase. Even if you intend to use it on a credit card.

The option of going into debt is a tough decision. Though for many, it is already a behavioral problem. As brief as these three tips to avoid debt may be, keeping them in mind can make a huge difference in your life.p

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