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War is at our doorsteps

The world is changing rapidly. From constant innovation, globalization, and consumption, it has become apparent that wealth keeps growing between nations and people.

Aside from wealth, the constant use of resources and refusal to look for sustainable alternatives have also become a problem. With planned obsolescence causing an influx of waste materials, the world is becoming a pit of waste unless we make a drastic change for the better.

Nevertheless, there is a chance of survival. While danger has always been synonymous with human conquest, the earth has survived countless wars intact. Still, while the planet is fine, we, as civilians, are not. Here are some ways to delay possible war from breaking out:

Stay informed.

In a community where legitimate and false information is spreading rapidly among individuals, it is vital to be well-informed about society’s current events. It takes a certain level of critical thinking skills to consume the right kind of information properly. However, it is never too late to hone our skills and put them to the test. If possible, always check with the sources and be open to questions about everything presented in the media.

Take actions necessary for the good.

Thinking about doing something good is a great start, but actions speak louder than words. Some step we can take right now is to become as neighborly as possible while preserving the earth. By creating strong bonds within our communities, we lay down the foundations of goodwill and peace on a small scale. Additionally, being environmentally conscious can save you time and energy without harming the earth.

War is approaching our doorsteps, but we can still make it turn its back. When we come together and create a solid neighborly relationship with our neighbors, we can work together to create solutions instead of problems. Being environmentally conscious can also help restore the world to its former glory. However, it would be much easier with helping hands.


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