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What to Do When You Feel Unsatisfied with Your Job

Sometimes, one feels unsatisfied, burned out, or even hates their job. However, if you’ve been feeling this way often, it could indicate your heart is not in it. Here are handy tips you can take if you’re unsatisfied with your current work:

1. Find out the reason why you’re unhappy.

Before making any hasty decisions, finding out what is bothering you about your work is essential. Is it the need for career growth? Your boss’s leadership style? Low benefits and pay? Whatever reason it may be, list it down so you can reflect on them.

2. Find a purpose that speaks to you.

Another tip is to find a purpose that speaks to you. One way of doing this is listing the reasons you want to work and what you want to do. If teaching is your passion, but you’re stuck at a dead-end job, consider a career shift. However, suppose you’re happy with your job but find the lack of benefits unacceptable. In that case, consider organizing a union to enact change.

3. Talk to your boss.

Talk with your boss about your role in the company. Be discreet and polite but firm with your issues. Suppose the conversation is going nowhere, and your boss isn’t listening. In that case, it may help to consider working with other companies or gain more experience elsewhere.

4. Change your mindset.

Sometimes it’s not our job that’s bothering us but the mindset. If your job is challenging because you believe so, then you may need time to look at your thought patterns critically. For instance, if your job is relatively stable and has essential benefits, but you don’t feel welcomed, it may help to try to be friendlier with others or create a dynamic working relationship. You’ll be surprised how an unexpected compliment can brighten someone’s day!

5. Find a job before quitting.

If all else fails and you are dead set on starting over, it may be a sign to shift jobs. When you do, try to have the right amount of experience first and secure a job offer before resigning.

Takeaway: There is no perfect job or career. However, if you’re feeling bummed about your current job, there may be some underlying reasons behind it. Before making any hasty decisions, consider the causes first and choose wisely.

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