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When Must You Need to Give Up?

Living in a ruthless and unforgiving world, we are subjected to cruel circumstances that sometimes deal enough damage to destroy our sanity. Merciless killings, kidnapping for ransom, and theft are just some of the heinous acts a person can witness. As time progresses, this seemingly hopeless world becomes more and more complicated. The only question remains, when must you need to give up?

Here are a few things to remember when you feel like things aren’t lining up to you.

Make Impossible to I’m possible.

Sure, it’s hard to keep an optimistic mind when you‘ve been badly beaten and repeatedly stabbed alive by your responsibilities. But you need to remember, taking one step at a time can impact a great deal of progress in your life. The wonders of knowing you won’t fail will allow you to take it easy and consistently until you meet your goals. Thus, all things impossible are made possible if YOU only make them possible.

The only “can’t” you need is “Can’t Fail”
Think of it this way, mindset is everything. The only way to know you can do it is to keep in mind that you are not born to fail in life. You won the race when you’ve fertilized the womb of your mother, you were chosen for a reason. And you say that you can’t succeed? no. YOU. CAN’T. FAIL.

Standing ground
Giving up is like slamming the door shut on all the possibilities that could come your way. No benefits accrue as a result of giving up. But to give up in quite a complicated situation is not what a warrior does. The one who keeps fighting until the end will know his truest capabilities; the one who knows how to stand his ground will earn wisdom like never before.

A warrior only gives up once he has been completely defeated or has been declared the victor. – Survival: A Story of Friendship Part 2

The intense pressure of succeeding in life is terrifying and debilitating. It is easy to give up when you carry a burden this great. But when must you need to give up? When people depend on you, it is hard to do so. However, giving up is not only the solution to all your problems. See the bigger picture and look into what you can do as a step to a brighter future for yourself and for all who are dear to you.

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