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Gaining Wisdom in Isolation

The Covid-19 pandemic has set unprecedented changes in our physical and mental health. When one is not careful, it can bring adverse effects like:

  • Changes in appetite;
  • Increased feelings of stress;
  • Lack of motivation and focus;
  • Changes in sleep quality;
  • Loneliness; and even
  • Suicidal or depressing thoughts

As you can see, the psychological effects of isolation do not discriminate. Nearly everyone can be susceptible to these feelings regardless of how healthy and well-adjusted they are.

Fortunately, having some time alone can also help us gain some wisdom. If you have some issues with isolation, here are some ways to cope:

  1. Acknowledge your emotions.

Social isolation during the pandemic can bring a lot of emotions. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it helps to acknowledge and label your feelings so you can deal with them. If you know that things are tricky and need to talk to a therapist, try to make an online appointment.

  1. Go outside.

Spending half an hour outside under the sun can significantly affect your mood. Considering that we are currently in the cooler seasons of the year, it helps to get the necessary amount of sunlight per day.

  1. Find your interests.

Isolation does not always lead to loneliness. Now that you have more time alone, you can make the most of your time by reconnecting with old hobbies.

  1. Practice self-care.

Practicing self-care helps deal with stress and gives you a chance to relax. Some examples include taking a warm bath, listening to soothing music, and meditating. You can also gain wisdom by writing a journal which allows you to organize your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Connect with your loved ones.

Living in a modern society involves making use of incredible technology. Video chatting software, instant messaging services, and even text messages allow you to connect with loved ones. Connecting with friends and family can help you relax and keep you grounded, especially during stressful periods.


Gaining wisdom in isolation involves introspection and reflection. If you still struggle with loneliness during isolation, contact a therapist immediately.


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